the company

RH Coating Enterprise is an coating company located at Kempas, Johor and fully owned by Bumiputera. The main business is related to powder coating, sandblasting, painting and thermal barrier ceramic coating mainly for metal. All our materials are import from oversea like US, Europe and China. The ceramic that we take from Cerakote Company.The powder for powder coating from Prismatic Powder. Both of the material are from US. We are equipped with all required equipment for those operation like oven with dimension of 6 feet width, 8 feet height and 10 feet long, we can fulfill the request from customer such as:

• Powder grill

• Fence

• Anti-climb fence

• Automotive parts (car, motorcycle, truck, etc.)

The ceramic coating are high temperature coating spesifically for performance and can be done for performance parts like piston, headers, engine block, head, valve, exhaust, turbo, waste gate and any other related parts. There are two types of ceramic coating (air cure & oven cure). Our supplier may not only local, also international company from US, UK , France & Sweden to ensure the satisfaction of our customer. In addition our priority is company safety procedure before and after the process . RH Coating Enterprise also recognised with Suruhanjaya Syarikat Malaysia (SSM).